Airline Travel – It’s Just Not What it Use to Be

Gas prices affect everything and everyone. All you have to do is walk into any store and see the prices of products and how they have increased recently. The same holds true for the cost of your airline tickets. On average they have increased by ten percent and some airlines even more so than that.

If you have been following the news lately then you already know that many airlines are looking for many ways to keep the price of tickets down to a minimum as gas prices rise. This is not an easy task for them. If you want to get a better understanding of what I mean, all you need to do is look towards your own lifestyle. As gas prices have exceeded four dollars per gallon in many parts of the country what have you had to cut back on to make sure you can put fuel in your tank so you can get back and forth to work everyday.The airline industry is no different. Today most airlines are looking for different yet creative ways to keep prices down. Some airlines have removed the service of all food and beverages while others have removed all unnecessary weight from the airplanes such as too many magazines.

Many of the major airlines have taken it a step further and now restrict the number of bags you can bring and their weight. They have even added a surcharge by as much as fifteen dollars per bag for any bag that you check in regardless of its weight. Before you fly or even before you purchase your ticket, call the airline you intend to fly with and see what kind of extra fees they will be charging you. While you are on the phone ask them how many bags you are allowed to check and what the maximum weight they should be is. The normal number and weight these days are two bags not to exceed fifty pounds per bag, and no you can not bring one bag that will weigh one hundred pounds. Even though it is the same weight, I am sure the airline employees do not want to carry anything that heavy.

Learn how to pack your bags properly and only bring what you absolutely need. If you can purchase it at your destination and it can save you room and weight in your bag then by all means do so. There is no need to drag something along when you can get it where you are going.I own a hard case piece of luggage. The case by itself weighs twenty pounds and although I absolutely love the case I know in today’s world of airline travel it is no longer practical. If you own a hard case switch to a soft case and carry anything that might be breakable with you on the plane (if you can).

Finally, beyond all the new rules and regulations that you will face these days when you travel, you can avoid any undo stress by getting to the airport at least two hours early for domestic flights and three hours for international flights. You never know what issues may arise so by getting there early you will have plenty of time to deal with those issues and still make your flight.

Airline Travel Tips for Newbies

So you are getting ready to fly for the first time and you are wondering what you are to expect. A little nervousness or apprehension is certainly understandable, and you should use that nervousness to motivate you to be as prepared as possible. Here is what you can expect, in a nutshell, when you are flying.

When you get to the airport you will need to check in your baggage and get your gate pass. One thing that I always do is to check in online in advance, then you can use the porters at curbside and skip the long lines inside. They will get you ready and take your baggage for you, it makes that part of the process a breeze. Just remember to tip the porter, they really appreciate that.Once you are at the gate you could go and ask for a bulkhead seat. Those seats are usually given out by some airlines when you get to the airport. By sitting in a bulkhead seat you will have extra legroom. Also be ready to take a bump if you are asked unless you are on a really tight schedule. If they bump you, you will rarely be all that much behind schedule and they will give you a free airline ticket for your trouble.

Once you are on the plane and everyone is buckled in the plane will taxi to the runway. If it is icy out the plane will also deice, which can be a bit nerve-racking, but it’s for your own safety. Once the plane is on the runway it will pick up speed quickly and leave the ground. You will experience a few noises, such as the landing gear being raised, and the plane will speed up and slow down so don’t be nervous, this is very common. If you are nervous on takeoff keep your eye on the stewardesses, if they are calm then everything is going normally.The rest of your flight will be all up to the pilot, and you will simply land and disembark the plane in your destination city. I hope that this brief article has helped you with any nervousness that you may have about flying. Remember that thousands of planes take off and land around the world every day, it really is a safe way to travel.

What You Really Need To Know About Airline Travel Deals!

If you are a bit free brave and adventurous, the chances are that you will be able to travel to many exciting destinations that you would not otherwise be able to afford. You can get airline travel deals to all kinds of foreign destinations all over the world, provided that you are a little bit flexible.

My schedule has always provided me with the luxury to pick up and go when I want, but at the expense of a great deal of disposable income. It is one of those inconsistencies that everyone is bound to run in to at some point in their life those who have lots of time had little money, while those who have little money have lots of time. Not having a lot of money, however, should not stop you from going anywhere that you want to go provided that you keep a good eye out for airline travel deals, and are at ease with last minute travel every now and again.I have taken advantage of many airline travel deals in my life, which have let me go to places which would normally be out of my price range. I have gotten air ticket deals to Argentina, Portugal, Spain, and even Sweden. The only problem with these great airline travel deals is that they tend to come at the expense of convenience.

They are often last minute travel deals, are occasionally carried by second or third string airlines, and do not always allow you to chose the destination that is at the top of your list. But all of that suits me fine. I am quite flexible about where I go, if you want to know. What matters most to me is to have the freedom to travel abroad and check out new places which I have never seen before. And airline travel deals let me do that just fine.If you are looking for good airline travel deals, here is the advice that I have for you. It is easer to find out about the destinations of air ticket deals which are being offered and see if they are right for you then it is to wait for that one particular destination or other which you had your heart set on. After all, let’s face it there are places all over the world which are fun to explore, so why hold yourself back just because you are unfamiliar with this or that destination.